Our dear friend Erica, of Of-A-Kind, wrote this amazing piece on Mashable about How to Start a Business with a Friend - and Actually Remain Friends, with her BFF co-founder Claire.  

Obviously, as a girl-duo founded company, a lot of what they’re saying really resonated with us*. This piece is also extra special as we started Small Girls PR about 4 years ago, around the same time Claire & Erica joined forces, and I remember us meeting for the first time and discussing the projects we were about to embark on. Four years later, it’s hard not to feel nostalgic as well as proud of the success that both of our businesses have found. 

From harnessing our shared history (which wasn’t as life-long as Claire and Erica’s since Mallory and I met only 6 months before we started Small Girls PR, though it feels as though we could’ve been friends for years), defining our roles (with Mallory taking on the title of CEO, and me doing more of that “creative, non-numbers, branding/ideas thing” as Creative Director), getting mistaken for each other and being asked whether or not we live together, and managing/nurturing our personal time together and apart- we can attest to the fact that these tips and tricks have definitely worked for us as well.

This piece is a must-read for fellow friend founders, who I imagine will also relate, or friends who are thinking about getting into business together, to get the real dealz. We’re so happy to call these two our friends and business running-buddies.

(Writing this post in first person on the SGPR blog- relating to me and Mallory- as though it were back in the day before we had a team contributing to the blog. Feeling inspired to get a little bit personal from this piece- and also apologies to Annie on our team for taking so long to get to this post written, even though I meant to share it when Erica’s piece first went up a month or so ago! Another challenge of growing a business- the shift in responsibilities from a two person team to a 12 person team! - xo, Bianca)

Celebrating One Year With Lise


Today we celebrate one year with our wonderful Senior Account Exec, Lise. This is her reflection on her first year as a Small Girl:

Roald Dahl said, “If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” Since becoming a Small Girl (albeit still 5’10” on the outside) a year ago, it’s undeniable how much happier I’ve been- and everyone notices!

Every day I feel so proud to have the privilege and honour of wearing the white hat (Scandal reference!) while working with some of the most creative colleagues on the most innovative, exciting clients. I tried to put my thoughts about my last year at small Girls PR into words but they kept turning out mushy, so I made some doodles instead!

Our founders (along with our delightful office) were featured on The Styleline. Check out what these two stunners have to say about starting a business with a “hit the ground running” approach and seeking inspiration in unlikely places, among other cool nuggets of wisdom.

Our founders (along with our delightful office) were featured on The Styleline. Check out what these two stunners have to say about starting a business with a “hit the ground running” approach and seeking inspiration in unlikely places, among other cool nuggets of wisdom.

Two months ago our favorite word was added to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary. Two days ago, it was also added to our wardrobe. Talk about living at the intersection of tech & fashion.

Two months ago our favorite word was added to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary. Two days ago, it was also added to our wardrobe. Talk about living at the intersection of tech & fashion.

Small Girls Presents: A Slumber Party

Small Girls takes team bonding seriously, which is why instead of practicing your typical trust falls, we threw a slumber party! Complete with cocktails, s’mores, movies, massages, and a psychic. Wait, what? Here’s a recap of the #SGPRSlumberParty (you know you work in PR when your slumber party has an official hashtag).image

Team Mock/Cocktail Competition

The slumber party kicked off with a mock/cocktail competition! We divided into teams, changed into our matching pajamas (because duh), and dashed around Williamsburg to assemble ingredients. 


Daniel served as the judge and each mock/cocktail was met with careful scrutiny (“this looks like a salad”). Tough competition but the winners were Team Cheese Fries for their mixture of a lot of fruit/a lot more Jameson, and Team Buckeye for their root beer float. The prize was bragging rights and undeniable pride.

Pizza Palooza & Small Girl “Minies” Trivia

While chowing down on pizza, we got to know the interns by guessing which fun fact matched with which intern. We learned a lot about them, but mostly learned we have a lot of interns. 

Small Girls Battle Royale

We worked off that pizza by getting our Beyoncé on. Please refer to this video as proof that Small Girls can totally be your next backup dancers. Hire us. 

Small Girls S’more-gasburg

After working up a sweat, it was only right we rewarded ourselves with s’mores.


Because we’re incredibly savvy and resourceful, we made them in the microwave. 



The Future is Sweet

We fulfilled all our That’s So Raven fantasies by having a real life psychic drop by to tell us about our bright futures. We knew she was the real deal because she made us stand at least four feet away from each other so our auras didn’t mix. 

Movie: Clueless & Troop Beverly Hills 


We rounded off our night by watching two Small Girls approved movies: Clueless and Troop Beverly Hills. Please note: if anyone wants to create an app inspired by Cher’s outfit generator, we are willing to invest. We were all majorly disappointed that does not exist in 2014.


Breakfast / PRIV Pampering 

The next morning, we woke up bright & early for bagels and yoga. Our client, PRIV, delivered us an instructor on demand who taught us in McCarren Park.


We ended our slumber party in true #treatyoself style with massages. A few more PRIV agents stopped by and made us feel like our bodies were jelly. In a good way. 


**Big ups to our director Jasmine for planning this magical occasion.

June was a very busy month as you can tell from this Instagram round-up. For more behind-the-scenes pictures from the life of the Small Girls team, follow @smallgirlspr on Instagram

1. All stripes and all business.

2. We asked our new hires to create presentations, and this is the vibe Gabby ”wants to project to the world.”

3. Mallory getting some fresh nail art at the office from our client, PRIV 

4. Received this lovely handwritten note from jamesnord at Fohr Card.

5. Lego-centric art is unintentionally becoming a thing around our office

6. "Don’t pitch on a first date."-wise words from ellishamburger, our guest speaker for Small Girls U this month

7. Every Monday we are overwhelmed by how much our team has grown

8. Mimosas and manicures at Priv's blogger brunch with weworewhat 

9. Small Girls PR proudly supports the US Soccer team

Jen Lee Koss, one of the co-founders of our client, BRIKA, recently showed off some of BRIKA’s stunning gifts on a segment of Daytime Toronto. Check it out!

As summer really comes to a start, we found ourselves with a full week “out-on-the-field” PR projects.
From Brooklyn’s Northside Fest kicking off with innovation (where we worked with both the festival and The Dutch Embassy taking over brooklyn), to checking out client technologies at GE’s GRC and PRIV HQ, and an exciting shoot with our founders for Marie Claire magazine- here are some highlights, taken from our Instagram, @smallgirlspr! 
  • Small Girls client, Brika’s co-founder, Kena Paranjape, spoke on The New Commerce Curators panel at Northside Innovation.
  • Annie and Carley stopped by PRIV HQ to talk social media and test out some of their newest services. On-the-go spray technology is kind of epic.
  • Our recent hires gave presentations about themselves at our team dinner last Wednesday. This was Gabby’s - her mood board for life i.e. the vibes she wants to project to the universe.  We’re hip to that vibe.
  • Bianca tried out the new Bianca frames at an on-site meeting with Tortoise & Blonde at their new Urban Outfitters Herald Square outpost.
  • Lise and Jasmine visited client GE’s Global Research Center in Albany to learn more about the company’s super materials.
  • Our founders played dress up in clothes by our client Ann Taylor, during (and after) their Marie Claire (!) fitting. 
  • Worked with The Dutch Consulate once again - schooling them on PR at General Assembly for #NLBootcamp, then watching them showcase their products and services at Dutch Pitch Night
Celebrating One Year With Carley
image Today we celebrate one year with our wonderful Account Exec, Carley. We asked her to share a few lessons learned in her first year as a Small Girl:

I’ll never forget the moment the email landed in my inbox from Bianca asking for me to come in for an interview. After sending a cover letter that traditional peeps would classify as crazy, I knew I had found my people when they directly called out my references to snapchat and gifs. I came from a creative strategy with a social media background. Going from a 250 person agency to working at a PR firm, which, at the time, only had four other full time employees, was certainly a big change! One year later I’m still here, and I’ve learned a lot along the way:


1. You can change your career, but keep your core skills: Some parts of my job were uncharted territory (pitches, reporters, embargos, exclusives), but I was able to leverage what I was great at (networking, copywriting, social media, strategy). Even if you’re doing something new, make what you have to offer apparent. 

2. Resilience and scrappiness pays off - On my first day, there were four small girls and one tall boy in a room, then we moved rooms. Then we moved rooms again. Finally, in February, we moved into our very own space. While it is absolute heaven, I know the reason I appreciate it is because I was a part of the growing process, when we were small, mighty, and scrappy. (PS - we still are all of those things). 


3. Fortune favors the bold - You’re not going to regret suggesting that wild campaign idea you came up with or asking to be on that project you’re really excited about…I PROMISE. 

4. Be human - When you’re spending the day sitting behind a computer, it’s important to note that the people you work with are humans, as are the clients you’re repping, the consumers you’re reaching, and the reporters who are writing your stories. People are often more inclined to help you out if you treat them as such.

5. Have fun and be proud of your hard work - Because your work, while challenging, should also be fun. If it’s not making you proud, maybe there is a better fit for you out there!

Small Girl, Big Chair

Small Girl, Big Chair