After a year of letters to Santa, they’ve finally arrived! Our You-Vision Video Glasses!

It’s been almost two years since we met and one year since we started working together as Small Girls PR.  

Sometime in between those two points, before we got down to business (literally), we thought we might do a web series that was filmed from our perspective. You know, a lot of height humor because being tiny girls means looking up all the time.  When Photojojo announced their You-Vision glasses it was the answer to our sartorial prayers.  Before then, we’d just been planning on taping flip cams to the side of our glasses and calling it a day.

After browsing through their beautiful site (no, seriously, if you are into photography, look at this: we found out Amit was the man running the photojojo ship. Annnnd we cold e-mailed him a pitch.  We never heard back, which is probably a good thing because it delayed that plan and gave way to what became a much more meaningful venture.  Despite all of this, we never forgot about the glasses.

A couple weeks ago, my roommate hosted a birthday party at our apartment for a good friend of his who was in town visiting. It was Amit! We told him about our crazy e-mail to him forever ago and one week later, these arrived on our doorstep.  

WE HAVE BIG PLANS FOR THESE, YOU GUYS. Or we will have big plans. That involve being small girls. 

Thanks to the good people at Photojojo for not only the glasses, but also finding the most amazing video/photographic equipment out there and putting it in front of our faces.

And, in this case, on our faces.

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