Party with Gambita (and some small girls… literally) on Friday October 25th at the Dream Downtown’s PH-D Rooftop Lounge (355 West 16th Street) from 7-10PM

Celebrate #petiteispowerful, with the 5’4” and under fashion e-tailer, as they choose the next face of the site with their live runway show of 10 finalists.

Whether you’re part of the small but mighty community,or support the movement(we <3 you!), enjoy some cocktails and not-so-small talk while joining the tiny and talented guest judges- fashion blogger Sara Zucker, Third Wave Fashion’s Cyndi Ramirez, and stylist Samantha Lim in selecting the lucky Gambita winner!

Visit the Gambita blog to learn more about the 10 finalists, and for information on how to cast your vote on your favorite model.


About Gambita:Gambita is a startup eCommerce company that sells the best in petite and petite-friendly fashion for women 5’4” and under. In addition to creating an amazing shopping experience for petite women, we wish to create a supportive community, where petite women feel empowered and learn to embrace and love their petite selves.

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