Help our amazing friends, RockPaperRobot!

RockPaperRobot, “an engineering boutique specializing in innovation and fabrication of kinetic furniture, lighting, and installations” (like the uber-cool Magnetic Levitating Side Table pictured above), are currently neck-and-neck in Marthat Stewart’s American Made Audience Choice Awards for 2013.

This Brooklyn-based company is just fantastic, not to mention great people we call friends, and they’re so close to winning! Out of 500 companies competing, RockPaperRobot is in the FINAL FOUR! With only 11 days left to vote, they could really use that extra oomph to push them over the edge into Martha Stewart-approved glory.

Read all about the makers, their products, and what makes their business unique and please vote! You can vote six times a day if you feel so inclined.

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