she and reverie’s SS14 collection launch and trunk show - Camp Versailles

Last weekend we celebrated the elegantly dreamy launch of she and reverie's Camp Versailles collection with a backyard soiree at Brooklyn's Torque Cycling + Fitness.

Guests were treated to flavored-soda cocktails by Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain, dusted their mini cupcakes by Brooklyn Cupcake with edible glitter, and made gorgeous DIY dreamcatchers and flower-crowns while perusing the delightful new line inspired by that Girl Scout kitsch and the grown-up opulence of 17th century Versailles.

Thank you to Rachel Martino, Rachel et Nicole, Elle Ribera of Opium Poppies, Kristina Uriegas-Reyes of Twee Valley High, and Cheralee Lyle of Miss Lyle Style for hosting the event and The Forever Group for the Lasting Care lingerie wash so our guests can keep their delicates fresh, clean, and soft.

Check out our she and reverie Facebook album for more photos!