Small Girls, Grand House: Ted Baker of London Opens its Grand House Doors on 5th Avenue

On Thursday, we hurried over for tea time with Ted Baker to celebrate the British luxury brand’s new home on 5th avenue.  

The velvet-curtained, art deco store is designed in the style of a dark 1920s London townhouse, with floor having it’s own theme - the woman’s boudoir for dresses, the prohibition era salon for accessories, a scullery with bells and butlers for menswear. 

The Ted Baker team generously invited us to preview the store pre-opening and be photographed in looks from their collection. We spent probably over an hour cooing over the glittering bags, crystal snapped clutches, and silk lining of virtually every piece but in the end decided to select looks that spoke to the nature of our business rather than be distracted by every beautiful thing that awaited our zipping and buttoning.

Running a company with a partner is a lot like a marriage.  You play different roles that compliment each other and often end up supporting each other not just professionally but emotionally as well.  Since we knew we’d be posing together, we decided to emphasize this aspect of our relationship by going for a “couples” look.  

Bianca pulled a striped top from Ted Baker’s “Girls will be Boys” collection, designed to look and fit like you are dipping into a boys wardrobe, while maintaining feminine details.  Bianca also actually dipped into Ted Baker’s menswear collection, as men’s clothing is something she commonly incorporates into her wardrobe.  This blue polka dot woven, exclusive to the 5th Avenue shop, added an offbeat pattern play to an already unconventional girl’s look.

Known for their beautiful dresses, Mallory grabbed a matching striped frock, true to her sweet girly style.  The yellow belt is the perfect accent to the navy and white dress, also pulling together the yellow details in Bianca’s outfit.  A scarf fashioned as a headband (putting a twist to Mallory’s signature bow) finishes off the boy/girl dynamic.

Check out the rest of our photos on the Small Girls Facebook Page, and view Ted Baker’s “Midtown Abbey” campaign in which they sent butlers and maids loose on the streets of Manhattan here.  They ‘re celebrating their grand opening all weekend, so be sure to check them out at 595 5th Ave, NY NY 10017 // at 48th Street

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